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FAQ - Skin Brightening "Bleaching"

What is skin brightening?

Skin brightening is the process of brightening and lightening the skin in intimate areas.  We use South Beach Skin Solutions which is formulated to be gentle so it is safe to use on sensitive skin.

Does skin brightening hurt?

There is no burning, stinging, or unpleasant smell!

Is skin brightening safe?

South Beach Skin Solutions is an all natural skin brightening system that uses bearberry root and licorice root. It does NOT contain hydroquinone, Kojic  acid, mercury, or steroids. Hydroquinone is associated with many unpleasant side effects and here at Daisy's we don't find that to be appropriate to use on intimate areas. This also means that Skin Beach Skin Solutions will never hypo-lighten. 

Can I do skin brightening if I'm pregnant?

Although all these products have been tested and are for sensitive skin, pregnancy may lead to more hyper-pigmentation. We prefers you wait until after pregnancy to start brightening your skin.

How long does it take to see results?

With proper use, most people will see their desired results in just 3-5 sessions. However, reaching desired results depends on the cause and severity of discoloration. Discoloration like scars and burn marks typically show results quickly. While ongoing hormonal issues may take longer.

Can I do skin brightening after waxing?

Yes, after waxing is the best time to have your skin brightened. All your pores are open, which helps absorb the product for better results. Which is why we offer bundle pricing, you can add it to your next waxing session!


If you are pregnant, or have any open wounds, or irritated skin we will have to reschedule your appointment. 


How should you prepare for your wax?

Exfoliating often the week leading up to your appointment and taking a couple ibuprofen an hour before will surely prepare your skin and help with the pain. Make sure you are drinking lots of water so you come in well hydrated. Feeling like you need a drink to bare it all? Also, caffeine can make skin more sensitive so it’s best to wait to have your coffee until after your wax.

Contraindications- retin-a/accutane/renova

These medications increase the rate at which your skin exfoliates so waxing could potentially lift skin resulting in scabs in the coming days. There is nothing scarier to us so please, please let us know if you are using/start using any of these medications. AVOID all waxing while on Accutane and for a minimum of 6 months after coming off the medication or consult your dermatologist about when to proceed.

Can you get waxed while you have your period?

Absolutely. Just be aware that you may be more sensitive during that time of the month.

How long does the hair have to be grown out?

The hair needs to be ¼ inch long or as long as a grain of rice. If you were a habitual shaver, this means at least 2 weeks of growth from your last shave of the area.

Can you get waxed if you're pregnant?

Absolutely! You might get to a point in your pregnancy when you just can’t maneuver well enough for your personal grooming. Let us help! We will help you make you as comfortable as possible during your service. Some expecting mothers experience heightened pain sensitivity during waxing due to hormonal changes; this is normal. Consult your physician for further questions before your wax.

Are men’s services offered at Daisy's House of Beauty?

Yes! Don’t be shy guys, we're here to make you feel comfortable with all your grooming needs.

What if you are going through a gender transition?

We wax ALL bodies. 

Tanning before and after waxing

You should wait 3-5 days to get waxed after you have tanned. You should never get waxed if you are sunburned or even if skin is pink. The very top layer of skin could lift which is painful and can result in scabbing. You should wait for 3 days after you have waxed to tan. Waxed skin is more photosensitive and is more susceptible to burning. Always get a spray tan after your wax, but wait at least 24 hours for best tan results.

How do you handle an ingrown hair?

All you pickers out there, don’t. Messing with them can cause infection and scarring. Being prone to ingrowns is no fun and we are here to educate on preventing AND treating ingrown hairs. Keeping your hands off freshly waxed skin is always important, as this will encourage irritation and even breakouts. We carry products like witch hazel and PFB to minimize ingrown hairs in between visits!

Should you trim before you wax?

Don’t worry, be hairy. If the hair is too long, we will trim it. Remember: the longer the hair, the easier it will be for the wax to pick it up resulting in a smoother wax.